I remember when I was introduced to essential oils. For the longest time, I had this idea in my head that essential oils were “voodoo oils” or “potions” and that they did not have any real health benefits. Little did I know that I was already using some essential oils in my home. I had a bottle of lavender that I had used for spritzing on my pillow before bed, a bottle of tea tree oil that I used whenever I had a breakout on my face, and a bottle of oregano that I had a love/hate relationship with and would use whenever I was coming down with a winter bug.

When I finally decided to attend a class about essential oils, I was shocked and slightly embarrassed that I had gone so long without knowing about all the amazing things that you can do with essential oils. I had been using herbs, homeopathy, medicinal teas, and foods to improve the health of my family for years, but never knew that essential oils were just as powerful and in many cases even more powerful than these other options. Did you know that one single drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea?! I sure didn’t! Now, peppermint oil is a staple in my home. We use it for all sorts of things like calming the occasional upset stomach, relieving throbbing head tension, promoting clear airways and alertness, and providing a cooling sensation when we are radiating with heat.

To be honest, I was initially quite skeptical about essential oils. Having only used lower grade essential oils and not truly knowing what essential oils even are, I had dismissed them as being nothing more than expensive potions. Boy was I wrong! When I attended my first essential oils 101 class, my eyes were opened to all of the amazing uses and the power packed into each tiny drop of oil. We passed around some of the top essential oils and I was able to experience the instant joy from smelling the most pure and potent lemon oil, feel the tingling coolness of peppermint oil on the back of my neck, and inhale the grounding earthiness of frankincense oil (I can totally see why this one was a top choice for the baby Jesus alongside gold and yet another essential oil, myrrh).

After that first class, I decided to give essential oils a try and I purchased an essential oils kit for my family. My goal was to be able to use the essential oils with my children to help with things like sleep, tummy aches, skin irritation, and to boost their immune systems (because all Moms know that once you have children, you literally live your life from winter bugs to tummy bugs and it just repeats). What truly “sold” me on essential oils was a particular digestive blend that came with my kit. The oil was touted as being an all-around digestive tonic, used for everything A-Z when it comes to the digestive system!

At the time, I had been suffering from a debilatating digestive disorder for many years and had literally tried everything both natural and allopathic to alleviate my symptoms. Unfortunately, nothing worked. It was actually my husband that urged me to try the oil blend called “zengest” for my painful symptoms. Like I said, I was skeptical and had no faith that it would do a thing since even heavy medications couldn’t alleviate my suffering. But, I figured I had nothing to lose and it was worth a try. I started by putting a drop of the oil under my tongue three times a day. The oil tasted like black liquorice and was kind of soothing, so I didn’t mind it at all. I continued this regimen for about two weeks without really thinking much about it, then my husband actually commented that I hadn’t complained about anything (at least digestive related haha) in a long time. Guess what…he was right! In the chaos that was my life at the time, I hadn’t even stopped to realize that the oil was actually helping! In fact, the oil continued to help to the point that I didn’t even need to take it anymore after about 3-4 months and just used it on an as needed basis. To be honest, I can’t even remember the last time I experienced any of my previous discomforts! Amazing!

After that experience, I was literally sold on essential oils and began a journey of discovery, learning as much as I could about essential oils, their rich history, uses, recipes, and how to do things like make all natural cleaning and beauty products. I fell in love with essential oils and they have become part of the daily routine of my family! I hope that you enjoy learning and exploring more about essential oils and how to make them part of your life too!